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Gratitude in India

By Karolina Koman

Image by Akhil Chandran

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity:

  • Discuss:

    • Have you ever walked around on a sunny day? What did it feel like?

    • How does your body feel when the sun is shining? 

    • What do you think the weather is like in India? If you could travel there, who would you take with you?

    • What is gratitude and what are you grateful for?

    • Look at a picture of an Indian market on a hot sunny day

Processing Activity

  • Discuss:

    • How are you feeling?

    • What was your favourite part of the story?

    • Who was the person you sent your love to? How did it feel to receive their love?

    • Where is somewhere you feel warm and cosy? 

    • Pretend you are waking up in the morning and feel the sun warming up your skin. How do you wake up on a cold winter day?

  • Design your own gratitude mandala on a piece of paper. 

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