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Up the Shard in London

By Heather Dingle

Image by Lisanne Bakker

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity:


  • Do you know what the Shard building looks like? Have you ever been up inside of it?

  • How does your body feel when you go up high, like on a swing, an elevator, or a rollercoaster? Do you enjoy that feeling? 

  • What do you imagine you would be able to see from up in a really high building? 

  • If you were going to design a skyscraper what would it look like? 

  • Look at a picture of the Shard and views you can see from the top. 

Processing Activity


  • How are you feeling?

  • What was your favourite part of the story?

  • What views did you imagine you could see? 

  • Who would you want to go with you if you could go up the Shard? 

  • Can you stretch your arms up to make the shape of the Shard?  

  • Draw a picture of something you imagine you could see from the top of a skyscraper. 

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