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The Forest of Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro

By Ian Grundy

Clear Blue Water

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity

  • Discuss:

    • Have you seen the film 'Rio'? Parts of this are set in the Forest of Tijuca! 

    • It gets hot in Rio in the summertime. What do you like to do when it is very hot outside?

    • What kind of animals do you think live in the forest? 

    • Rio is referred to as 'a cidade maravilhosa' ('the marvellous city') for it's combination of climate, scenery, natural wonders, and beaches. What would be in your ideal imaginary 'marvellous' city?

Processing Activity

  • Discuss:

    • How are you feeling?

    • What was your favourite part of the story?

    • What was your favourite animal in the story? The monkey? The parrots?

    • Draw a picture of a magical forest that you would like to visit and include all the animals, trees and plants that you want!

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