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Hot Chocolate in Snowy Quebec

By Heather Dingle

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity

  • Discuss:

    • Have you ever stood out in the snow? What did it feel like?

    • Do you like hot chocolate? 

    • How does your belly feel after you drink something warm? 

    • If you could make any flavour of hot chocolate what would it be? What toppings would you put on top? 

    • Look at pictures of the ice sculptures from the Quebec Winter Carnival 

Processing Activity

  • Discuss:

    • How are you feeling?

    • What was your favourite part of the story?

    • What did your hot chocolate taste like? 

    • Where is somewhere you feel relaxed and cozy? 

    • Pretend you have a steaming mug of hot chocolate. How would you hold it? 

    • Create a snowflake out of a piece of paper.

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