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The Parisian Art of Montmartre

By Sarah Kong


Mindfulness Preparatory Activity:

  • Discuss:

    • Do you have a favourite piece of art and what types of art do you like creating?

    • Do you have a favourite colour that you like to paint/colour/draw with?

    • How does a piece of art evolve and where do the ideas come from?

    • If you were a character in a piece of art who would you be?  Do you prefer to be with friends or family in the picture or alone?

    • Prepare a piece of paper and create a flow of shapes with your favourite colours

Processing Activity

  • Discuss:

    • How are you feeling?

    • Explore your favourite part of the story?

    • Do you associate more with the artist, the people in the streets or the musician?

  • Imagine you are a blank piece of paper that develops into a piece of art

  • Make your own piece of art or a self-portrait

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