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Peaceful Polish Meadow

By Karolina Koman

Field of Flowers

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity


    • Have you ever walked across a meadow in the summer? What did it feel like?

    • Do you like hot or cold weather? Which season is your favourite and why?

    • Do you have a favourite flower?

    • What do you think a flower needs to grow and blossom?

  • Show the child a picture of field flowers growing in Poland

Processing Activity


  • How are you feeling?

  • What was your favourite part of the story?

  • How did you imagine the flowers growing on the meadow?

  • Did the clouds remind you of anything?

  • Where is somewhere you feel peaceful and cosy? 

  • Pretend that you are picking flowers from the meadow to make a bouquet – who would you give it to?

Paint a picture of a meadow using handprints and fingerprints. 

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