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The Silver Palace in Kyoto

By Ian Grundy

Image by Masaaki Komori

Mindfulness Preparatory Activity:


  • Japan has such a rich and wonderful culture. What do you associate with Japan? 

  • Everything is very well cared for and looked after at the Silver Palace. What makes you feel very cared for?

  • Have you ever visited a place with a magical and quiet atmosphere?

  • When you are feeling relaxed and thoughtful, what does your body feel like?

Processing Activity


  • How are you feeling?

  • What was your favourite part of the story?

  • What was your favourite place in the Silver Palace? The lake? The gardens? The palace itself? 

  • What do you think it was like to live in the Silver Palace?

  • Look at a picture of a Japanese maple tree in autumn and the beautiful coloured leaves. Can you make an autumnal picture using the same colours?

  • With some adult help, make your own mini Zen garden using using sand, or grain on a plate. Make a repeating pattern, and carefully position some small stones.

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