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Zoom Settings for Creative Arts Therapy

How to optimise the audio settings for music

by Ian Grundy

Here is a practical guide to adjusting some of your Zoom settings to optimise audio for therapy sessions.


When you open the Zoom app, this is the opening screen.

Zoom Opening Screen.jpg

To get to the Settings Menu click on the 'gear' icon in the top right of the screen. When you click on it the following menu appears.

Here's the 'gear' icon!

Zoom Settings Screen (2).jpg

Select 'Audio'. If you're using an external microphone or speaker you can select them here from the drop-down menus, and test them, too. 

Un-tick the box marked 'Automatically adjust volume'.

On the bottom right of the menu, click the 'Advanced' button.

Zoom Audio Settings Screen (3).jpg

Here's the 'Advanced' button!

This is where the Zoom audio magic is found! 

1. Select the tick box to 'Show in meeting 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone'

2. From the drop down boxes, Disable the first two and leave the third on Auto. These are not the default settings, but it will look like below when you've finished.

Zoom Audio Settings Advanced Screen (4).

Here are the 'drop-down boxes!

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