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Hot Air Balloon

In this activity the drawing you create of a hot air balloon will enable you to feel 'lifted up' as it focuses on your support network as a basis for growth and security.

What you’ll need: Paper, coloured pencils or pens What’s it for? This activity allows you to reflect and think about the important people in your life who provide you with love and care, build your resilience, and create opportunities to understand and learn about the world around you.

Check In: Notice how you’re feeling right now. Close your eyes and notice what’s going on inside your mind and body.

  • How are you feeling?

  • What are you thinking?

  • How does your body feel?


  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper with space at the bottom of the page for the hot air balloon basket which is going to be added later

  • Now think about the people in your life who help you to learn and grow:

  • Who has helped you to try something new? Who provides you with strength and encouragement? Who is there to support you when you are feeling sad? Who listens and understands when you are feeling scared?

  • Put all the names around the circle (3-6 is a good number)

  • Now connect the names using lines across the circle to create your visual support network

  • Keep adding as many lines as you like and a pattern will begin to emerge

  • Draw a basket to make the image into a hot air balloon

  • How about including a person in the basket who represents you - either on your own or with a friend

  • Using various coloured pencils or pens, colour in the pattern on the balloon to bring your support network to life

  • If you want you could add a background to your picture. What kind of sky would your balloon float in?

  • Imagine being 'lifted up' by your hot air balloon and how this might feel.

Extra Activity: If you want to make a number of hot air balloons, you could cut these out and put them on a piece of string to show your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE support networks as these could be different.

When you’ve finished, spend a moment reflecting on the activity and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you find it easy or difficult to think of people to include within your support network?

  • Did this process bring up any particular feelings?

  • Is there anything missing from your balloon in terms of types of support?

  • How did it feel to see all the connections coming together from everyone within your support network?

  • How did it feel to be 'lifted up' by your balloon?

Conclusion: Feeling supported gives us an important sense of belonging, emotional security and stability. Each of these entities provides us with resilience to cope with difficult situations and to enable us to become more confident and prepared for life events. Take a moment to notice how you are feeling at the end of this activity. Did you discover anything surprising? What can you take away to make you feel better about yourself from this activity? Reference:

This activity is based on Place2Be's Support Balloon activity from Children's Mental Health Week 2022. You can find the video for that here. If you would like to, share something about your experience with this activity with someone you live with! Ask the person who looks after you to send us an email if you have any questions or comments about the activity, or would like to send us any pictures ( Don't forget to subscribe for more fun CAT activities! Created by Sarah Kong © April 2022


Creative Arts Used: Art Psychological Areas Explored: Emotional Wellbeing, Resilience, Relationships, Self-Exploration and Self-Esteem If you enjoyed this activity, you might also like: My Special Journey: This activity helps bring an awareness of the most important people in your life through drawing and creating a road model and going on a special journey! These activities could be done by children of all ages, but some may need the support of their parent or carer to read the instructions or complete the activity safely. This website was made by CAT Corner to help you explore your feelings through fun creative arts activities. The people using the website and the people responsible for them need to make sure they stay safe (full disclaimer on About page).

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