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Pasta People

Depict how you view yourself and others in this creative activity using dried pasta to compliment a drawn picture in role-play.

What you’ll need: Pasta that is available in the home, pens, paper and scissors.

What’s it for? 

This activity will help you to think about relationships, how you connect with others and what positive attributes help you to do this using an art form that is fun and engaging.

Check In:

Notice how you’re feeling right now. Close your eyes and notice what’s going on inside your mind and body. 

  • How are you feeling?

  • What are you thinking? 

  • How does your body feel? 


  • Draw the outline of a person on a piece of paper to represent you and cut it out

  • Using pens complete the person - think about what they are wearing, the colour of their hair and their facial expression 

  • If you have any pasta available add to your drawing to create a 3D effect for the arms or legs or eyes    

  • Now draw the outline of a person who you trust on a piece of paper and cut it out

  • Reflect on who this person is in relation to you whilst drawing - friend, teacher, parent?

  • Using pens complete the person - think about what they are wearing, the colour of their hair and their facial expression 

  • If you have any pasta available add to your drawing to create a 3D effect for the arms or legs or eyes    

  • Place both people side by side and let’s use your imagination!

  • Now we are going to create a story about the relationship between you and the trusted person who you have chosen to draw and think about 

  • Focus on positive attributes and why this is important in a relationship?

  • Using a piece of paper write down 5 important things about what makes this relationship positive - it could be kindness, listening, playing, talking about feelings, going to the movies or reading a story together 

  • Now that you have your key reasons you can start writing a story that highlights what makes this relationship work?

  • In helping to write the story think of a theme - trip to the park/holiday with the family/cleaning the house/finding out that you lost your favourite toy or anything else that helps to make up a story and might involve a challenge 

  • How did your trusted person help you to feel better about the situation and what did you learn about or did you just simply experience being together?

  • Finish your story with an uplifting thought or conclusion linking to the qualities of a relationship and close your eyes and think of your trusted person and your feelings towards this person 

  • Keep a record of your story so that you can revisit it at anytime that feels relevant 

Extra Activity: Do you want to share the story with your trusted person. If they are not in your household perhaps you can send a picture to them or Facetime and narrate the story live?

When you’ve finished, spend a moment reflecting on the activity and ask yourself the following questions

  • Did it take you a long time to think about a trusted person in your life?

  • How did the pasta feel that you used – cold, crunchy, sharp?

  • Did you find it easy or difficult to think about positive qualities that are important in making relationships?

  • Did you find any similarities in you and the person you chose for your story?

  • How did you feel emotionally at the end of the activity?


This activity supports the process of gathering memories and keeping them together in a concrete piece of work that can be looked at and reflected on at any-time you feel necessary.  In thinking about your memories, this can build a sense of self-esteem and resilience in making relationships, in managing difficult feelings with a strong grounding and inner strength.

Take a moment to notice how you are feeling at the end of this activity. Did you discover anything surprising? What can you take away to make you feel better about yourself from this activity?

If you would like to, share something about your experience with this activity with someone you live with! Ask the person who looks after you to send us an email if you have any questions or comments about the activity, or would like to send us any pictures ( Don't forget to subscribe for more fun CAT activities!

Created by Sarah Kong © May 2020


Creative Arts Used: Art

Psychological Areas Explored: Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships and Play

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These activities could be done by children of all ages, but some may need the support of their parent or carer to read the instructions or complete the activity safely.

This website was made by CAT Corner to help you explore your feelings through fun creative arts activities. The people using the website and the people responsible for them need to make sure they stay safe (full disclaimer on About page).

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