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Personal Poster

Learn to appreciate your unique characteristics and make a creative collage

representing your feelings, ideas and things that are important to you.

What you’ll need: Scrap paper, old newspapers, magazines and picture books, coloured pens or pencils, scissors and glue, thick paper or cardboard for the base of the collage

What’s it for?

This activity will help you appreciate your unique qualities and discover what is important to you. This will help you feel more confident about yourself and make wiser choices and decisions. It will also allow others to understand you better so that you can build stronger relationships.

Check In:

Notice how you’re feeling right now. Close your eyes and notice what’s going on inside your mind and body.

  • How are you feeling?

  • What are you thinking?

  • How does your body feel?


  • Take a moment to think about what is important to you about yourself. What are you like? What are some of the things you feel strongly about? What do you like about how other people behave? What do you like about your own behaviour in different situations?

  • Here are some examples:

Being popular or famous

Being careful and safe

Having fun

Being clean and organised

Having good grades

Being creative

Your religion

Keep trying and not giving up

Having material goods

Learning new skills

Having lots of money

Being able to do things on your own

Spending time with family

Having good friends

Being honest

Helping other

Being respectful and fair

Being able to forgive other

Being thankful

Being good at sport

Having fun

  • Close your eyes, focus on your breath and let your thoughts flow freely.

  • What are the words that come to mind?

  • Are there any colours, images and shapes connected to these words?

  • When you’re ready, gently open your eyes.

  • Start looking through the newspapers and magazines and select images, words and phrases to create your personal poster that you feel reflect what is important to you.

  • You can write or stick your name onto your poster to make it more personal.

Extra Activity: Show your Personal Poster to your family or friends or you could send them a picture of it or show them online. See how they react.

When you’ve finished, spend a moment reflecting on the activity and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you learn anything new about yourself while you did this activity?

  • What did you enjoy most about this activity?

  • What do you like the most about your poster?

  • What colours and words did you choose and why?

  • Was it easy or hard to think of the most important things in your life?

  • Where will you choose to place your poster? In your room? On the wall? In the cupboard? What might this suggest?

  • Would you like others to see your poster?

  • If you showed your poster to the people you included, how did they react? How did it make you and them feel?

  • How do you feel when looking at your completed collage?

  • How do you think it will help you in decision making?

  • How do you think it will help you build stronger relationships?


This activity helps you identify what is truly important to you. Knowing yourself and becoming confident in who you are can foster stronger relationships and a sense of belonging. Something that is important to you sometimes is called a value.

Take a moment to notice how you are feeling at the end of this activity. Did you discover anything surprising? What can you take away to make you feel better about yourself from this activity?

If you would like to, share something about your experience with this activity with someone you live with! Ask the person who looks after you to send us an email if you have any questions or comments about the activity, or would like to send us any pictures ( Don't forget to subscribe for more fun CAT activities!

Created by Karolina Koman © April 2020


Creative Arts Used: Art

Psychological Areas Explored: Self-Exploration, Emotional Wellbeing, Self-esteem, Resilience, Relationships

These activities could be done by children of all ages, but some may need the support of their parent or carer to read the instructions or complete the activity safely.

This website was made by CAT Corner to help you explore your feelings through fun creative arts activities. The people using the website and the people responsible for them need to make sure they stay safe (full disclaimer on About page).

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